Titan Ladders – Choosing the right ladder

Choosing the right Titan Ladder

Types of Ladders

Single Sided Stepladder

• A general purpose stepladder accessed from one side only.
• Trade and Industrial
• Great light weight access

Double Sided Stepladder

• An ‘A’ frame stepladder which allows access from either side.
• Trade and Industrial
• Greater versatility and strength

Dual Purpose Ladder

• Highly versatile; extends from a stepladder to a straight ladder.
• Trade and Industrial
• Space saving 2 in 1 design

Extension Ladder

• Designed for height access/egress for builders, carpenters, plumbers and serious DIY. Height adjustable.
• Trade and Industrial

Platform Stepladder

• Provides a safe work platform when ‘working at heights’. Can be closed for storage.
• Trade and Industrial

Step Stools

• Used in low reach environments, typically for storage retrieval and cupboard access.
• Domestic

Portable Work Platforms

• Small foldable work platform used to access low heights.
• Trade and Industrial

Load Ratings

What is the difference between each load rating?

120 load rating

Trade Duty Rating – 120kg Load Rating

For moderate use in industrial applications by light trade or handyman/DIY.

Made to the requirements of Australian & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1892.

The requirements for domestic and industrial ladders are different and in turn the strength and performance characteristics are unique.

150 load rating

Industrial Duty Rating – 150kg Load Rating

For heavy duty trade/commercial use by professional contractors, tradespersons, workplaces, serious handyman/DIY.

Made to the requirements of Australian & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1892.

Step Ladders

Height to reach and Size to purchase

Height and Reach

Extension Ladders

  • Based on the 4:1 ratio, an extension ladder should be positioned one (1) metre out from the wall for every four (4) metres in supported ladder length.
  • If using to climb onto a surface (e.g. a roof) always extend the ladder at least one (1) metre past the point of support (e.g. gutter/edge of roof) and ensure the ladder is positioned on firm, even ground.
against house
against wall

extension ladder heights

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